We also have a very popular multifleck finish that gives a natural stone granite appearance. Use it on countertops, cabinetstub and tile surrounds. See our gallery. The finish hides imperfections and makes laminate countertops appear seamless. Better yet, if your surface is damaged with chips, it is repairable without removing the entire countertop or tile surround, etc. One other advantage to using the multifleck color is that it is ecofriendly. The results are great. Call for details. You can  have a complete resurfaced ,refinished kitchen or bathroom makeover for a fraction of the cost of replacing or rebuilding.
The main reason you should think about refinishing is the money that you'll save. 
You can save up to 75% by resurfacing,refinishing,kitchen countertops,bathtubs ,bathroom sinks,showerstalls etc. You can even refinish,resurface,recolor your appliances to look like new. 

You can save the time, hassle, mess and money from the rising costs of replacing existing bathtubstub and tile surroundssinks, showerstalls and countertops. We restore and reglaze existing surfaces such as porcelain, ceramic, laminate, fiberglass, cultured marble, acrylic, plastic, wood, metal, etc. We use a highly durable finish that is scratch resistant, water immersible, and chemical resistant. The  finish looks lustrous and also extends the life of the kitchen or bathroom fixture. With A+ Superior Refinishing you can refinish or replace. You have so many options.
Why Refinish?
Guaranteed Quality
A+ Superior Refinishing guarantees a 5-year warranty on the finish and workmanship. We pride ourselves on our excellent service and quality.
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