Privacy Disclosure: A+ Superior Refinishing does not share client contact information without client consent.

Warranty: All refinished items carry a 5-year warranty on finish and workmanship. Items excluded from warranty are heat related items such as gas ranges etc. Heavy traffic areas such as floors, kitchen sinks etc. are excluded from warranty. A+ Superior Refinishing will not warranty negligence or misuse of refinished item or items. Non-slip mats with suction are strongly not recommended and will negate the warranty. Warranty excludes reoccurring rust issues. A+ Superior Refinishing will not be responsible for existing or preexisting plumbing issues pertaining to jobs performed by A+ Superior Refinishing.

Maintenance: It is strongly recommended that all contact be avoided for at least 24 to 36 hours before use.
To prolong finish avoid using harsh and abrasive cleaners or scouring pads. A mild cleanser such as scrubbing bubbles for soapy, grime buildup. For hard water, mineral stains you can use a muriatic acid clean just dilute with water not at full strength. Avoid cutting/chopping directly on refinished countertops (use cutting board). With proper care and maintenance, the finish should last for years.

Honor: If a problem occurs with finish such as (chipping or peeling) A+ Superior Refinishing will send a qualified technician to inspect and determine failure of finish. If A+ Superior Refinishing determines the failure was caused by the applied finish or workmanship, A+ Superior Refinishing will honor warranty and fix the problem area. Note: warranty must be in the 5-year period from date of job performed.

Privacy Disclosure